Akasa Pack of 10 Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Cleaning Wipes

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  • Product Type: Thermal Compound Cleaning Wipes
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Akasa Pack of 10 Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Cleaning Wipes - TIM Wipes
Thermal interface removal made easy with cleaning wipes for CPUs, GPUs or heatsink bases. Pre-moistened with a safe citrus-based solvent which effectively emulsifies and removes TIM, leaving no residue.

The Akasa TIM Wipes are 10 individually packaged cleaning wipes designed to be an all-in-one solution for cleaning CPUs, GPUs, chipset surfaces or heatsink bases, in preparation for fresh application of new thermal interface material. Each wipe comes moistened with TIM Clean fluid, a safe citrus-based solvent which leaves no residue, to effectively emulsify and remove all residual thermal interfaces.

- Effective removal of residual thermal interface is essential to maximise thermal conductivity between the heat source and the heatsink
- Large size of 175 x 180 mm allows for cleaning of both the CPU and heatsink with one wipe
- Includes 10 individually packaged wipes
- Ideal for PC enthusiasts

CPU, GPU and heatsink cleaner

180 x 175 mm

Total Units
10 wipes

Solvent Type
Safe to use citrus-based

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Volume N/A
Paste Colour N/A
Product Type Thermal Compound Cleaning Wipes